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Electrifying Luxe.

The Iconic Sorento is luxury that now comes in electric. The Sorento Hybrid leaves nothing left to be desired, with its world-class technology and benchmark design - now with both petrol and electric technology in one.

A limitless driving experience on lesser fuel consumption.



Looks That Thrill

Modern, yet iconic

The Sorento has evolved with a new interpretation of the unmistakable 'tiger nose' grill, displaying a wider shape which organically wraps arround the integrated LED headlights on each side.

The sharper, more assertive appearance is complemented by a wider lower air intake, book ended by wing-shaped air curtains to channel air arround the car

Sleek and sharp LED headlights, powerfully designed to light the way, not only in the dark of night, but in broad daylight.

A muscular broad shape isn't all that the Sorento has to offer; its bold look shines from top to bottom. The 19" machine finished alloy wheels sets the Sorento's whole style off


Commanding Luxury


Class leading tech

The most advanced Kia yet.

10.25" Touchscreen

A wide array of features deserves a wide screen. The high resolution 10.25 inch central touchscreen responds to your touch on the console and the steering wheel. Pinch, zoom, swipe and customise your screen with split view

Navigation display

The navigation unit provides information on nearby charging stations and the status of th hybrid charging system, including fuel & battery levels and use. It's high resolution screen makes it easy to read a wealth of information at a glance.

12.3" Digital Supervision instrument cluster

The 12.3 inch high resolution digital screen delivers a tailored driving experienc. Choose from 3 selectable themes creating a highly responsive an innovative wide-screen experience.

Rotary gear shift dial

Intuitive and clear the dial type gear shift makes changing gears as simple as turning a dial

Tech highlights

So much tech.

So easy to use.

BOSE advanced sound system

The powerful 12 speaker BOSE surround-sound audio system delivers an immersive sound to all three rows.

8" Colour Head Up Display

Keep your eyes on the road with the colour head up display projecting driving information within your field of view.

The system displays alerts from the car's numerous driver assistance technologies, details of vehicle speed, and turn-by-turn navigation instructions.

Ambient mood lighting

Beautiful by day, the Sorento cabin grows even more captivating when night falls. The available 64-colour LED ambient lighting lets you create an atmosphere to suit your mood.

Smart Charghing

Keep everyone charged up for adventure with available wireless smartphone fast charging as well as intuitively placed USB charge ports for outboard passengers


Your space, enhanced.


Luxury at large

Quilted Nappa leather appointed seats

Finely tailored quilted Nappa leather appointed seats are designedto offer optimum comfort and a greater drive.

Heated & ventilated seating

Enjoy the ultimate comfort all year round with 3-step adjustable 1st row ventilated seats & 1st/2nd outboard heatedseats.

With smart temperature comfort control, the car automatically switches on the driver's heated seat/steering wheel or ventilated seat if there's a major difference between the climate control setting and the actual temperature inside the cabin.

Quiet mode & Passenger Talk in-car intercom

The quiet mode will allow you to mute the rear speakers while the audio continues in the front row only.

With passenger talk in-car intercom you can easily communicate with 3rd row passengers who can hear you clearly through the 3rd row speakers.

Sounds of nature


Capacity for change

Outstanding versatility

A new ambient sound function allows you to select from a range of relaxing natural soundscapes.

With the available hands-free smart power tailgate, simply stand behind the vehicle for three seconds for the tailgate to automatically open, giving you 179L of cargo space behind the third-row seats. Fold the third-row flat to increase cargo space to 608L.

Need more space? With a single touch, watch the second -row seats fold flat to gain acces to an enormous 1,996L of space.

Panoramic sunroof

Have your very own private sky lounge experience with the panoramic glass sunroof, creating an open, spacious feeling.

3-Stage Automatic Climate Control

The 3-stage automatic fan control adjusts from a gentle breeze to strong air circulation and temperature control, just the way you want it.

Easy in, easy out

Just push a button to move the second-row seats forward for an easy entry into third row. Aided by the platform's longe wheelbase the second-row seats now slide up to 45mm further, creating a wider point of entry to the third row.


Power, meet finesse.


Versatile performance

Hybrid engine

Smartstream 1.6L turbo petrol engine works in tandem with an electric motor and the 6-speed transmission. This allows the full output of both petrol engine and/or electric motor to be transferred in parallel through the transmission, with minimal energy loss.

Lithium-ion polmer battery

Energy storage is managed by a 1kWh Li-po battery located under the vehicle floor that requires no manual charging.

Regenerative braking

Regenerative braking helps to convert the kinetic energy when decelerating and braking into electrical energy the battery for even greater energy efficiency.

Multi-Terrain Control

A born adventurer.

The available terrain mode provides optimum driving force on challenging road conditions during your drive. Terrain Mode will offer better traction, stability and control on different types of surfaces such as Mud, Snow or Sand, featuring dedicated new driver modes for each scenario.

Advanced AWD Coupling.

Sudden bumps in the road. An icy patch.Tricky curves ahead. The advanced AWD system is optimised to prepare you for paths less travelled so you are always in control.

The Drive Mode Select System, Terrain Mode select System and Electronic Stability & Traction Control System all come together to ensue grip and stability on a range of surfaces.



Designed to protect

Class-leading safety

Safety that's a step a head.

Blind Spot View Monitor

A second pair of eyes. By activating the turn signal, the wide-angle surround view monitors will display live footage of other vehicles in your blind spots on the 12.3" instrument cluster.

Parking Collision Avoidance Assist

The Parking Collision Avoidance Assist System warns you with visual/audible alarms and haptic steering feedback while also engaging the barkes when it anticipates collision with an obstacle and/or pedestrians.

Junction Assist

When the Automatic Emergency Braking system detects a risk of collision when turning at an intersection, the system will warn the driver with audio/visual alerts, steering wheel vibration and will automatically apply the brakes.

Multi Collision Brake

The Multi Collision Braking system engages automatic braking when an airbag is deployed during a primary collision to help mitigate a secondary collision.

Safety highlights

Surrounded by safety.

Safe Exit Assist

The Safe Exit Assist system will look out for you as it detects and warns of approaching vehicles that enter your blind spot zone before you open your door.

Additionally passenger doors will automatically lock so that exit is not possible until the hazard has cleared.

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

Make it sfely to all destinations white Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB). Using radar and camera data, your Sorento will sense the potential for a collision with a pedestrian, car or cyclist ahead and apply emergency braking to avoid or reduce the effect of a collision.

Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist

The Blind Spot Collision Avoidance system helps prevent or reduce the risk of collision with vehicles in the adjacent lane or coming from behind when the driver switches lanes through audio-visual alerts and haptic steering feedback. The Electronic Stability Control will also activate to prevent the vehicle from colliding with the  adjacent vehicle approaching from the blind spot, if the driver fails to observe or obey the audio-visual warnings prior.

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) automatically applies braking to help you stay on course when it detects potential skidding.

Vehicle Stability Management

Continuosly monitoring road conditions, the VSM helps to protect occupants by automatically controlling the steering and brakes when the road gets bumpy.

Driver Attention Allert+

Have the supportive co-pilot you've always wanted as Driver Attention Alert+ (DAA+) monitors your driving and alerts you if it detects loss of concentration or tiredness. it also notifies you with an audio-visual alert when the vehicle in front has moved while stopped at a traffic light stop.

Advanced Smart Cruise Control

Feel at home on any road with Advanced Smart Cruise Control using radar to maintain a predetermined distance from the vehicle directly ahead, automatically slowing or accelerating your Sorento when appropiate. The ASCC will also come to a complete stop if the vehicle in front stops, and will accelerate if the vehicle in front accelerates whitin 3 second

Lane Following Assist

Lane Following Assist works with the Smart Cruise Control system to help the vehicle remain in the centre of the lane by continously  correcting the course of the vihicle when Smart Cruise Control is activated

Lane Keeping Assist with Lane Change Assist

Confidence wherever the tracks may lead.

Lane  Changing Assist with Lane Keeping Assist will provide audio-visual alerts if you indicate into a lane that has an adjacent vehicle while providing haptic steering feedback to get you back to the right place

360º View Camera

Then 360º camera view system combines four wide-angle images, from cameras at the front, rear, and sides of the vehicle, to provide seamless visibility. Perfect for parking in tight squeezes.

7 Airbags including front centre side

feel secure on each journey knowing you are surrounded with 7 airbags that will help potentially reduce injuries in the event of a collision. Seven airbags are offered: driver, front passenger, front passenger side, two curtain and a class-leading front centre side airbag which helps minimise the chance of a head clash between the front seat occupants.

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